1. Registration

Step 1 requires you to complete your registration at Mentaal Beter. In order to do so, you will need to provide us with a referral letter from your general practitioner. As soon as your registration is complete, we will contact you to plan a screening appointment by phone.

2. Screening by phone

To assess whether we can offer you a suitable treatment, a short telephone conversation is planned with one of our practitioners. If we are able to treat your complaints, we will plan your intake interview and provide you access to our client portal. Here you can get started with online e-health modules just as soon as your intake has been completed. Using the e-health modules provides you the opportunity to strongly influence your speed of recovery.

3. Intake and diagnosis

Having one or more conversations will be necessary to form a clear picture of your complaints and personal history. After the intake, we will draw up a treatment plan that includes the diagnosis, treatment form, method, goals, and expected duration of the treatment. In some cases, additional psychological examination is necessary in order to come to an accurate diagnosis and treatment advice. In these events, the intake and diagnosis phase will take longer to complete. Naturally, a proper diagnosis is necessary to determine a suitable treatment. It is also possible that the diagnosis will result in us having to refer you to a more suitable mental healthcare provider if we are unable to provide you the necessary care. During your treatment it might be necessary to involve your relatives and/or others close to you. You can find more information about this in our Quality Charter.

4. Consultation

During the consultation we will discuss the design of the treatment plan and determine together whether the approach suits your needs.

5. Treatment appointments

Once the treatment plan has been discussed, your treatment appointments will be scheduled. The amount of appointments depends on the severity of your complaints and the speed of your progress.

6. Mid-term evaluation

After a number of appointments, we will perform a mid-term evaluation. During this evaluation we will look at the progress you have made and discuss this in order to determine the best possible option to continue your treatment.

7. Follow up treatment appointments

After the evaluation, we will schedule your follow up treatment appointments. Again, the number of appointments depends on the speed of your progress.

8. Final evaluation

Your final evaluation concludes your treatment. We will evaluate your treatment and test the result by using the ROM final measurement. In addition, we would like to learn from your experience with us, which is why we will ask you to fill in an experience and satisfaction survey.

9. E-health

As been noted before, from the very moment your registration has been completed, you can make use of our online e-health modules. After your final evaluation, you will still be able to do so for several months, so you can continue to work on your progress after your treatment.