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About Mentaal Beter

Strengthening your resilience

Since the day we founded our organisation in 2004, we have demonstrated that things can be done differently when it comes to mental healthcare in the Netherlands. Every day we commit ourselves to developing affordable, effective, and sustainable care. We help our clients with figuring out which mental issues they are dealing with, reduce their mental health complaints, and develop their strengths. Our goal? To provide our clients the necessary skills to deal with their challenges in life and to strengthen their resilience. Our passion for helping people who are dealing with mental health issues is what drives us to give our best, every single day.

Our promises to you

Personalised treatment

No two individuals are the same, which is why we will always provide you with treatment tailored to your own specific needs.


You can count on clear communication about your situation and our working method, so you will always know exactly what you are dealing with.

Goal oriented

Your treatment will always be focused on your personal goal(s), which we will determine together. We will help you achieve that goal as best as possible.

Active collaboration

Together we will determine which treatment suits you best, so we can actively work together toward the best possible outcome.

This is what we do

Our professionals, psychologists, and psychiatrists offer the best possible care for children, teenagers, and (young) adults who are dealing with mental health issues. We treat mild to moderately heavy psychological problems dealing with depression, anxiety, trauma, and mild personality disorders. We do this by means of scientifically based treatments. Together we will help you regain control over your life as soon as possible!

How we do it differently

Focus on the positive

Our organisation, mindset, and treatments are based on positive psychology and are solution-oriented.


We look for digital and technological developments to improve our care.


We stimulate self-reliance and responsibility during our treatments and within our organisation.


Establishing real change in mental healthcare is done by working together, which is why we participate in multiple collaborations in order to make a significant and permanent change.

The care we offer

We offer varied and extensive care. Children, teenagers, (young) adults, and elderly people with a variety of mental health issues can count on our help. Our professionals at Mentaal Beter are specialised in treating depression, anxiety, ADHD, trauma (including PTSS), mild personality disorders, and autism. Most of our different treatments are offered at every one of our locations, yet there may be some variation at specific locations.

Why choose Mentaal Beter?

Our treatment results

The result of our treatments is approximately twice as high as the average of all mental healthcare institutions in the Netherlands.

Client satisfaction

Clients rate our treatment with an average of 8.4 out of 10. Our clients are specifically satisfied with regard to the way they are treated by our professionals.

Short waiting time

We do everything we can to keep waiting times as short as possible. To give an example: this year we have already opened 10 new locations and have hired more than 100 new colleagues.

Our professionals

All our professionals are registered in the specific registers applicable to their profession, such as the NIP, NVVP, NVO, LVE, NVvP, VGC, and the Dutch Association EMDR. Our professionals encourage each other every day to provide the best possible care and take the necessary additional training to do this.

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