Mentaal Beter: Young Adults

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Our care offer

Are you a student at Erasmus University Rotterdam or the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Amsterdam and have you ever sought help from a student psychologist or Siggie for students, but does it appear that more is needed? We are here for you. Our team can help you online with anxiety or mood complaints, attention and concentration problems, trauma-related complaints, problems with your self-image, autonomy problems, problems in family interaction and starting personality problems.

Waiting time

We try to keep the waiting time as short as possible to ensure that the flow from Siggie for Students or the student psychologist is as fast as possible and that complaints do not worsen while you are waiting for further help. Current waiting time: 0 weeks.

Sign up and referral

Are you a student at Erasmus University Rotterdam or the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Amsterdam, do you have Dutch insurance, and have you been advised by Siggie for Students or the student psychologists to register for our team? You can report to your doctor for a referral. The GP can then refer via the regular route for clients over the age of 18, stating “Team Young Adults”. Curious about how the compensation works and what costs you incur yourself? You can find more information here.

Do you have foreign insurance? You can then sign up for a self-payment process. You pay per session and depending on the insurance you have abroad, you can submit these invoices there. Always contact your foreign insurance company to find out what options they offer for reimbursement.

Treatment method

Treatment is demand-oriented and result-oriented according to evidence-based treatment methods. The treatments take place via video calling, supported by a wide range of online modules. 


Mentaal Beter cannot provide the proper care to clients with a long-term psychiatric history, addiction, an IQ below 80, bipolar and psychotic disorders, burnout, eating disorders, moderate or severe personality problems, crisis sensitivity, aggression problems, acute suicidality and those severely underweight (BMI <17.5). Clients must have sufficient skills in the Dutch or English language.

About us

Our team consists of a clinical psychologist, two mental health psychologists, a mental health psychologist in training and a remedial educationalist who have experience with the treatment of children and young people as well as with adults. They therefore have specific knowledge about the target group of young adults. In addition, there is the option of consulting a psychiatrist. The team works online, so they can use their time flexibly and are easily accessible for our clients. The team stands for our values: personal, clear, goal-oriented and active cooperation.

Our team

Psychische klachten aanpakken en gelukkiger in het leven staan? Onze behandelaren helpen je graag verder.

The collaboration

Siggie for Students ( was started as a collaboration between The Mentaal Beter Group, Erasmus University Rotterdam and the Faculty Humanities of the University of Amsterdam. Siggie is there for students who can use a helping hand. Student time can be tough, with everything that comes your way. The pace of your studies is high, you may also have a side job and you try to maintain a social life, often in an as yet unknown city. Moreover, the corona virus does not make things any easier. This collaboration showed that there are students who need more help than the coaching that Siggie for Students or the student psychologist can provide. From now on, Mentaal Beter offers digital treatment in the SGGZ for this group of students at Erasmus University Rotterdam or University of Amsterdam under the name Mentaal Beter Young Adults.


For questions we are available by telephone Monday to Friday at 088-0104480.

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